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What people had to say


Picked up my STI today, colour is great, turned out better than I had imagined it

My Remington 7615 arrived today, whent and checked it out, absolutely awsome, great dress up, looks as close to an AR15 I will ever get, thanks

I love my custom Caspian 1911, never misses a beat and shoots great.

Shotgun action is really slick now, for a while I thought I would need to take up weight training, thanks B

That short trigger in my STI really did the trick now I can reach the trigger with the pad of my finger and really helps with my double tap. 

Love the Cerakote finish you did on my STI looks great in 'Desert Sand' cleans really easy now, any fouling just wipes of, great job.

I met Gary by chance after a frustrating and very silly mistake was made by using the wrong size brush in one of my gun barrels.
(Never try to clean 3 guns at once and take phone calls)
The brush was stuck fast and all my attempts to cover the foolish act by repair failed, after approaching several "big gun smiths" I knew no one was very interested in the job.
The gun meant the world to me and after speaking with Gary he quickly agreed to look at it. Gary made the time and furthermore
did not make me feel like the jackass I deserved making such a critical error.
He worked quickly and did the job very well, I was most happy with the work and the price.
Thanks "DR JONES"


Hi Gary,

Just letting you know that I have picked up the Shotgun this afternoon with permit to acquire received in mail earlier, after viewing it on Tuesday when it arrived at Game Hunter as I knew it had by tracking the delivery.

2 rounds of sporting clays (50) with it later in the afternoon after driving all the way across town and it performed perfectly over 80 or so shots, although I missed a few.

You were right when you said “I won’t be disappointed”.  It is now my “pride and joy”.

To accomplish the completion of the transaction with interstate delivery and no issues whatsoever in such a short timeframe is a credit to you.

Thanks for your efforts on this purchase as outstanding service like this is quite rare these days; very much appreciated

Cheers … G